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tv   Headline News  RT  February 24, 2013 5:00am-5:28am EST

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following the death of a three year old adopted child in the us. david cameron admits that hundreds of millions of pounds of foreign aid money. budget cuts. go. to support. the choice for a. syrian
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opposition. to meet. with the stories that made headlines this week you're watching the weekly with me. the three year old boy in the u.s. has caused a storm. it was revealed this week that the russian adoptee died whilst in the care of an american foster family and the boy's adoptive mother claims it was just an accident that suspects that might have been killed. twenty russian children in the last seventeen years died in their adoptive american
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families most recently here in texas mark simkin meehan known to locals as max shadow just what i heard on the news. just the kid had some scratches. that's all i know three year old marquis him and his younger brother keel lived in this house with their adoptive parents in a rather secluded neighborhood it was from here that on the afternoon of january twenty first the boy was taken away by an ambulance never to come back his legs had an internal organs were allegedly severely bruised. it could mean could if this is confirmed as a result of the investigation that maxime's death was a result of certain violent actions but specific circumstances of his death have yet to be announced i can't get into that because it would be speculative. for the results to the russian officials had no knowledge of the incident until almost a month after the boy's death it wasn't a little bit later that we started getting some suspicions of what was going on and
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that all developed from talking to the parents the people that live there they just took a little more time moscow says this is far from the first time it has been left in the dark about an adopted child stuff. unfortunately is usually months after a russian child has died in the u.s. that the american side informs us about it in one case it was five years after a boy died a probe is now being conducted in texas and russia has an ongoing investigation of its own. if as a result of the investigation it is determined that maxine was killed by his mother for example if this is the conclusion of the investigation naturally those responsible for the death of the russian boy will have to suffer the most severe punishment there have also been allegations that the mother continually fed the child drugs intended to treat schizophrenia and adults meanwhile at the u.s. state department we obviously take very seriously. the welfare of children particularly children who've been adopted from other countries according to moscow
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little co-operation was shown until it was demanded highly political and we. were going to. come up with almost two dozen deaths caused by abuse and even manslaughter russia in a move often criticised recently imposed a ban on american adoption of its kids i've always believed that russia should stop these adoptions and i hope that they maintain this ban and don't yield to pressure autopsy and investigation results are expected to take weeks if not months to be announced no arrests have yet been made the dead boy's younger brother's destiny is yet to be determined for now he continues living in the adoptive family where his brother died while the investigation of floor paste in the alleged information on the little boy's life and death extremely scarce one of the questions that demand an answer is why should it take a rigid push from abroad for the us to pay attention to yet another tragic destiny
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of a hopeless child to whom it promised a better life on its soil and r.t.e. act or county texas. and the muslim brotherhood expands its presence in jordan becoming the most viable group winning over the population with the aid programs still to come here and i see we report on why is some are worried about the rise of the islamists. but for now the u.k. prime minister david cameron has backed the idea of redirecting hundreds of millions in foreign aid money towards military operations security peacekeeping and demobilization are the most likely recipients but. a labor m.p. you think that the aid will end up falling into the wrong hands. i think we can absolutely have no short cuts when it comes to human rights if you look at the right to pax regime it is quite simply top crissy the family is stealing the wealth
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of that island in the most disgusting me and i am appalled that it still appears that the commonwealth will be having its heads of government meeting there later on this year. so i believe that we should be having very little to do with that regime. at the moment it is being subject to the united nations asking for it to address the issue of war crimes that took place at the end of the conflict with atomic nation. so it's a regime with the very question of cost that the un is asking for serious reform and so far that hasn't been forthcoming. this is odd to me and millions in italy are choosing that government today this in a parliamentary poll that will define rome's economic fortunes leaving the race to three options the democrats the party of political the diehard silvio berlusconi and a movement led by a former comedian who's captured thousands with his anti austerity rhetoric these
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are really good reports from rome. these are close elections for it's least it's how in steps one and a half days to the week in the parliamentary elections some people are actually going to aspire to say and if they don't vote it leaves a lexus and the country is not going anywhere and. leave for these decades of salicylate six. eleven . obviously but having a hard time finding a job they're going to get. there he's been told explicitly that running loose. even though. you see the full he actually did not get the supplies that were illegal and the w.c.
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illegal. these were one of the most regions leaned on them from the start is out there it's all lies and the facilities self defense establishment i did everything that was done and it's a little bit of a little bit wrong to steal your money when the opposition it was going to be someone not in. the political arena it's a little bit of money out of the political force. love it is going to stay with. the solution to the once. again. the elite. will be fully ready for. the full blown. the steel plate you. will get the full if you can't believe players
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believe that these elections. i just want to get. things go here that. is also. reporting there from rome and i'll talk about challenge number one for america's new top diplomat secretary of state john kerry's sets off on a marathon two of us friendly european states on the volatile middle east more details on that just a bit later in the program. now there were palestinians are demanding an international investigation into the death of a palestinian prisoner in an israeli jail it's reported he died of a heart attack with his alleged he was being interrogated at the time as follows a week of unrest which saw hundreds of west bank residents clashing almost daily with israeli settlers and police dozens injured in the fighting the protests were
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in support of four palestinians on hunger strike in israeli jails on monday negotiators sent a letter to the e.u. foreign policy chief requesting help in securing the prisoners release meanwhile israel continues to push forward with building on occupied land effectively blocking any negotiations as artie's fall asleep. i it's rugged unremarkable landscape largely empty but full of meaning this is one of the west bank's most sensitive pieces of real estate for fourteen years plans to build here have existed but were kept on hold but all of that changed last november less than twenty four hours after the u.n. general assembly recognize palestine is a nonmember observer state tel aviv fast track to construction plans here prompting the palestinian government to call it a slap in the face of the entire world. this plan to build here is not legal according to international law which states that when one country occupies another
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it can really change facts on the ground israel is doing exactly this while also kicking people out of their lands soley for the benefit of the settlers. known as the one this controversial patch of earth exists between east jerusalem where palestinians aspire to establish the capital of a future palestinian state and the huge israeli settlement of mali are. it is the last remaining corridor between the large palestinian cities in the west bank and have plans go ahead in the israelis extend this area it would cut into a big chunk of the west bank effectively driving a wedge into the middle of any potential palestinian state critics have warned that filling the space with jewish homes amounts to a doomsday scenario effectively striking a fatal heart attack to the two state solution but for now the plan is to build a garbage dump in this valley with the waste that comes from jerusalem and then in about twenty to thirty years when it's full to build a park on top of us here you can see that palestinians fear it's part of
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a long term strategy to extend the one and build new israeli settlements it's not surprising this is not the first time that such a plan is submitted it is a ongoing policy that has been growing for years now in at the end to grab palestinian lands but first the israelis need to get rid of the people who live here among them around three arab jerusalem neighborhoods and one hundred fifty bedouins for whom this has been home for nearly half a century tel aviv complains the bed when camps were set up eagerly without permits and stand in the way of urban planning but critics say this is just an excuse for a land grab it makes me furious this dump site is going to harm the environment and it's going to harm the health of the people and they make it harder and harder to find a solution for the situation demolition orders have already been issued threatening to destroy the last remnants of bedwyn life in these hills and while israeli
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officials say the construction anyone if it happens at all is many years away it cuts to the heart of the israeli palestinian conflict which fundamentally is about the land and the fate of the people who live on it policy or r.t. in the west bank. well palestinians are manufacturing the smell of victory all on their own they've released a public image named after a rocket they fired into israel both sides are claiming they won the latest conflict our special report on that is one hours from. now syria's rebels have pulled out of the plan the peace talks suggested by their very own leader the national coalition is now even boycotting meetings with the friends of syria group it's a chief financial and political back and their withdrawal was justified by a perceived international failure to condemn president assad also this week a suspected rebel suicide bombing in damascus killed at least fifty three and
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wounded more than two hundred opposition fighters in the west of syria also apparently threatened to strike has ball are over the border into lebanon on a london based syrian political activist danny makki says the potential strife between two islamist factions could have far reaching consequences. the biggest problem in lebanon is that some of the western countries are really trying to pit one of the islamist movements against each other the sunni f.s.a. against the shia hizbullah it's essentially a policy of divide and conquer which is being instigated media wise by the way to create division fractures in our syrian lebanese society and this is an issue which they're working on today by p. think the f.s.a. against hezbollah they create more confusion and tension between syria and lebanon and we've seen with the recent conflict in tripoli in northern lebanon that the syria crisis it's not necessarily in syria syria is the linchpin of the reason the region and there is great tension both in syria and lebanon and there is great fear and anxiety that the struggle in syria could spill into lebanon i mean of course
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understand that lebanon had their own civil war which is very lucky. so negative very scared at this moment of the syria crisis turning into a lebanese crisis. order still to come here on the program attempts to ensure the allies of the future take a look at how the u.s. is using its well respected education system for a long geo political gain so that's coming your way with a short. sometimes
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you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is. welcome to the big picture. couldn't take three. three. three. three. three. three. video for your media. free media. tom. thanks for joining us for the weekly. and the diplomatic skills of america's newly
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appointed state department chief will be will certainly put up the test on his first official trip john kerry's mission one b.s.e. and that includes some of the world's most troubled regions the report. america's new secretary of state john kerry is on his first official overseas trip visiting nine countries in western europe and the middle east over the course of ten days hillary clinton's replacement will reportedly consult with allies on topics including iran the up peoples in the arab spring countries and serious civil war secretary kerry is also scheduled to meet with members of syria's opposition according to the state department the top u.s. diplomat thinks of this trip as a quote listening tour meanwhile in his first speaking engagement as u.s. secretary of state mr kerry ran into some geography problems when referring to democratic reforms in the non existant country of cures xtandi they fight
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corruption in nigeria they support the rule of law they support democratic institutions and george kyrgyzstan is the country kerry should have said but unfortunately his speech was written with the mistake reporting from new york. r.t. . and it's not only through diplomatic tubes and negotiations the us is spreading its agenda around the world and the doors of american educational facilities are thrown open for potential foreign leaders who often prove a useful political force to washington when they return home. nature to looks at the success of the strategy. the u.s. is investing in potential for in the years by educating them in america convinced that back in their home countries when the time comes most of them will side with u.s. interests empower future generations of political leaders who've had a positive american experience and they are more likely to be global partners
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libya's mahmoud jibril could be one example having studied in the us he went on to become the head of leave us transition government he's now the leader of one of the country's biggest political parties there's little doubt which country he would favor when it comes to dividing lucrative oil deals in the future u.s. foreign service officers had their eye on him even before the revolution broke out a leaked diplomatic cable from november two thousand and nine written by the u.s. ambassador to libya gene credits described mr general as quote a serious into lockett or who quote unquote gets the u.s. perspective and of course mr gibril is not the only one who gets the u.s. perspective ninety two percent of the people who go on u.s. government exchanges go on to work in civil society positions in the parliament or in n n hero sariah took a two year course in public diplomacy in two thousand and six at the university of south in california in this particular program this was every single lecture has
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a state department member. so you know that you're not really learning. how to implement. the u.s. trade and development agency an offshoot of the state department's usa id claims that what they call aid is actually investment for every one dollar they invest they get eight dollars back in u.s. exports it's absolutely an investment and there's a return on investment. it is very hard to quantify that return completely but i can tell you that you could quantify it in troops that you don't have to send somewhere so i never pursued a career with the training she was see. it was saying other countries i mean i may not be fond of the government in iran but i support a hundred percent occupancy and i was sitting in this class lectures and people
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saying how do we think the market i'd be underminded the government we thank you two thousand and seven when i was in that program they had already started the push towards africa diplomacy is good business as it's been made clear by the state department time and time again getting foreign leaders and their advisors to think in english and to subsequently favor the united states in their policies is much cheaper and bombing their country so the state department will certainly be more forceful in their efforts at exercising power in washington i'm going to shake them . and we're coming here live from moscow this is iran has announced it's found thousands of tons worth of fuel radium reserve says it will need to expand its nuclear program and build more power reactors all find out what the u.s. and europe hope to do. on the governor of nevada of course home to las vegas has now signed a new law he says will put the u.s.
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state at the forefront of gambling legislation. has all the details. thanks for joining us here on out to you today at the muslim brotherhood has been expanding its political presence in jordan becoming the kingdom's most viable opposition movement the islamist organization has gained acceptance within the ruling monarchy with its humanitarian work wing winning over certainly some of the population but. reports many locals worry about the possibility of life under the organisation's islamic rule. when it comes to the arts professor mohsen us four works to bridge the divide between east and west influenced by both islamic and renaissance art he hopes to inspire his students with the same passion. but
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he's going concerned about the muslim brotherhood's rise to power in the region a force says his students don't want to lose the freedoms they now enjoy and often worry about how their lives could change if jordan came under islamist rule. but. maybe. brothers. we are afraid. but not all share in that fear for decades the muslim brotherhood enjoyed a safe haven in jordan even as it was outlawed elsewhere in the middle east the monarchies tolerance has helped the group to become the country's most influential islamist organization. so. that system was on
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a full display at this islamic hospital in downtown amman the muslim brotherhood has gained support throughout the arab world with its model of combining political activism with charity work here in jordan the brotherhood is responsible for building schools clinics and hospitals like this one a critical lifeline for the nation's poor. emboldened by the arab spring rise of their counterparts jordan's brotherhood is seeking more power it rallied behind calls for democratic reform of the country's political system trying to cast itself as the face of the opposition the group has vowed to refrain from violence but its leader to promise jordan would soon become part of the muslim caliph it rejoice. victory is that had. this law mix state will be created on this subject good can prevail. in january the brotherhood made its move leading
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a boycott of the parliamentary elections but instead of being a nonevent high voter turnout evidence perhaps that jordan's brotherhood isn't ready for prime time just yet. i have a lot of concerns that must be resolved before i can support the muslim brothers we've seen the recent rise in egypt and tunisia but so far they haven't proven to be a good solution in either of those two countries despite such sentiments and fears about its true intentions the brotherhood still remains the only organized political opposition in town for now the group will have to bide its time helping perhaps that regional instability could tip the balance in their favor it's a game of political chess and chance for now the students could only wonder whether their futures will be shaped by the islamists or by their own hands you see catherine of r t amman jordan. and the worries of jordanians could be fueled by the example of egypt where the muslim brotherhood's grip on power has caused months of violence the next hour here on our report on the allegations of abuse torture used
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by local police on the government hands out weapons to the lowest ranking officers . this is the weekly on say internet pornography could soon be banned in iceland becoming the first west western nation to do so officials insist the aim is to protect children but freedom of speech activists tend to disagree and former m i five agent unemotional says this could be paving the way to a much larger sprawl of internet oppression. it's very slippery slope to start going down the path of any sort of censorship to whatever reason because of course once you're in a position where authorities can look into what he thinks down the wire and then choose to block whatever they want to be a violent form to begin with then of course they have the tools to look into other communications and lots of other things in the future the issue of people you know the issue of porn and the issue of terrorism has always been used to justify any
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sort of attempt at censorship in a crackdown on freedom of the internet and this is crucial for the development of this global facility as soon as you start allowing certain technologies to be important to the internet to stop and censor certain nations they will be misused. this is here and of course with the start of the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics now less than a year away a technology update takes a look at some of the gadgets being used behind the scenes in preparations for the soft games that's after a break in just a minute here on out. if you have a business that you need customers right this is perhaps.


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